DoSpa Organic Strawberry Jam

DoSpa Organic Strawberry Jam

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The handmade organic strawberry jam from DOSPA is made with fresh fruits according to a traditional recipe in the monastery of the Teutonic Sisters in Friesach. This is the jam from the fruit factory, and not industry - with over 800 years of religious history!

E 440 - Pectin
Pectin is a natural substance that occurs in many types of fruit and vegetables and can be found in many land plants. There, the pectin in the cell walls plays an important role in stabilizing the cell structure. In the European Union, pectin is used as a thickening agent under the designation E 440.

Soft consistency, therefore it is a very spreadable product

  • strawberry [1]
  • White Beet Sugar [1]
  • Pectin (E440) (i)
  • Lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate [1]
  1. from controlled organic cultivation