Nolow Botanical Distillate

Nolow Botanical Distillate

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Where does Nolow Distillat Botanique gin come from?

From an idea to drink less and better, we wanted to create a drink distilled like a spirit with the taste of Gin and without alcohol.

Created in France, Nolow Distillat Botanique benefits from an exceptional know-how in terms of selection of raw materials and perfect distillation to extract the best aromas.

How is this gin made?

Nolow is a unique aromatic blend that appropriates the codes of alcohol and the world of spirits but with a healthy product.

We have chosen to distill Ginger, Juniper, Mint and Lemon with the know-how of the distillery “Aelred” to offer you a unique and alcohol-free cocktail experience.

That’s why it’s so appreciated!

NO Alcohol, LOW Calories: NoLow is also a vision, an intrinsic commitment to introduce alcohol-free into mentalities and habits. NoLow reinvents the tasting of the distilled drink to offer you an alcohol-free offer rooted in elegance and distinction.

So that alcohol-free becomes an experience. So that alcohol-free becomes a choice. Reason the way you consume alcohol. Drink quality, respect the taste. Born in Paris, Made in Provence.