Our Story

Meet The Founders

Drew & Euston Davis

interracial married couple


In April of 2020, Drew Drew faced a life-threatening autoimmune disease complication, leading doctors to advise a complete overhaul of her lifestyle. One significant change required her to abstain from alcohol entirely, which proved to be more challenging than expected. Euston was extremely supportive and quit drinking to support Drew on her journey without alcohol. 

Giving up alcohol posed a struggle because Drew genuinely cherished the social aspect of enjoying a drink at the bar and participating in happy hours with their spouse and friends. Recognizing the limited options available, this inspired Drew & Euston to conceive an idea: to create a space that exudes the same vibrant energy without alcohol. Thus, in August of 2020, They launched Gem online, providing their communities with a range of alcohol-free alternatives. The Couples aspiration was to establish a physical venue that could serve as a catalyst to inspire and promote the alcohol-free movement in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area.

By October of 2020, we secured our first location in Pitman, NJ, and have since expanded to three additional locations across Southern New Jersey. Additionally, we organize booze-free pop-up bars throughout the tri-state area.

Our brand's impact has been acknowledged in renowned publications such as Forbes, Shondaland, and Vogue, cementing our position as pioneers in the zero-proof category. We have garnered attention from numerous news stations along the East Coast, further solidifying our reputation as one of the country's first alcohol-free bottle shops and bars.

Our primary objective is to reshape society's perception of sobriety and normalize the choice not to drink. We aim to create inclusive spaces where individuals can embrace their authentic selves without the burden of toxic substances. 


Note from Drew & Euston:

Throughout this journey, we have come to realize that those who have experienced healing are often the ones who bring healing to others. What began as a decision to quit alcohol has evolved into a profound voyage of self-discovery, uncovering new avenues to live a more mindful and intentional life. We want to emphasize that we are not superheroes, but rather individuals striving to make a difference, one conscious cocktail at a time.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your support, and we invite you to join us as we write the next chapters of our story and witness the growth and impact of our brand. Our mission remains to uplift and elevate, and we are excited to share this journey with you.