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Meet The Founders

interracial married couple


In 2016, Founder Drew Davis was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases after years of suffering from unexplained health issues/

 In April of 2020 Founder Drew Drew  experiencing life threatening complications with my autoimmune disease, I was told by doctors that my lifestyle had to completely change. One of those lifestyle changes was to stay away from alcohol all together which was harder that I anticipated.  

The struggle with giving up alcohol was that I truly enjoyed the social aspects of having a drink at the bar, partaking in happy hours with my husband and friends.  The lack of options really inspired Drew & Euston to develop the idea to create a space that brings the same energy while sober. So in August of 2020 we launched Gem online with the hopes that we could create a physical space to have an opportunity to inspire and bring the alcohol free movement to South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia area.